Wildlife Holidays in Florida

If you’re not coming to Florida ready for a wildlife extravaganza, you are in for a major surprise when you arrive and travel out beyond the immediate tourist areas. This is not only a great place to enjoy the native fauna, it is also somewhere that will startle and amaze you in equal measure, with some species that might you not expect and others that are more populous here than anywhere else in the world.

And that is true both on land and at sea. The waters around Florida are an incredibly rich playground for all kinds of marine life, from hundreds of varieties of fish to sharks, dolphins and manatees. It’s hard NOT to encounter some form of sealife along every part of the coast, while dolphin-watch cruises are one of the most popular attractions in places like St Pete Beach, Daytona Beach and up in the Panhandle. Many of Florida’s beaches, right around the coast, are also prime sea turtle nesting grounds, and it’s possible to sign up for a nesting watch tour from mid-May to the end of October in some places. Nests are often marked by wildlife officials, and must not be interfered with in any way.

Racoon in the Wild