Essential Holiday Information For The Florida Gold Coast

While much of Florida’s coastline tends to be fairly low-key, with most of the development largely spread out and low-rise, once you head south of the Treasure Coast into the more built-up areas of the Gold Coast and Miami, things definitely take on a different and more high-profile character.

For our purposes, the Gold Coast begins in North Palm Beach and continues 80 miles south to Hollywood Beach, just south of Fort Lauderdale. Here, things become more dynamic, more contemporary and more, well, more. This is the most modern face of the Sunshine State, even though West Palm Beach dates back to 1893 as part of railroad baron Henry Flagler’s bid to open up south Florida.

The original intention was to make this the winter playground of the rich and famous, with the most glamorous resorts of the time and the most lavish style. Today, that glamour and lavishness continue at places like The Breakers – the state’s most iconic resort – and the Flagler Museum, the former 75-room mansion that was the culmination of Flagler’s Gilded Age ambition. It has also cultivated a real appreciation for the arts, hence it adds yet another layer of attraction.

Continuing down the coast, the cities of Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale all sprang up in the wake of Flagler’s railroad, a string of glittering jewels strewn along the coast en route to the ultimate destination of Miami (where Flagler, incidentally, refused to let the city take his name, preferring instead that of a local Indian tribe).

The difference therefore along this part of the coast is largely that it’s often hard to see where one place ends and the next one begins with the amount of beachfront development. This is the most concentrated Floridian seaside environment you will find, and that means it’s hard to go wrong whichever resort area you choose. If you’re ready for an upscale beach experience, the Gold Coast will happily provide it.

West Palm Beach is little more than a 90-minute drive from Miami’s International Airport and two-and-a-half hours from Orlando. However, both British Airways and Norwegian now fly direct from London to Fort Lauderdale, which means you can be right in the heart of this coast straight away, with West Palm Beach barely an hour away.

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